Yokosuka Zushi Hayama Yokohama

  • Personalized service in English

    Our staff will be happy to assist you throughout in English.
    We are friendly but also aim to be the best customer service representative we can.
    Please do not hesitate to visit us.

  • Promising responsibility

    Our staff is full of experience, we will be able to resolve problems quickly when they arise.
    Please feel free to contact us even with the smallest, abrupt issues.
    Our office is only 3minutes walk from Main gate, please drop-in anytime!

  • Abundant properties

    We are highly trusted from owners possessing properties.
    Thus, we are prepared to consistently provide you with abundant and high- quality properties.
    We always welcome your visit and hope to find your favorite home with you.

We are here to serve you in finding your ideal home in Yokosuka, Hayama, Zushi, Yokohama and more!

CENTRAl LIFE is a Real Estate Agency offering good property available in the market.
Our property listing has been picked to ensure your lifestyle of convenience.
We have a specialized team of employees who understands all needs of local Japan nationals,Military personnel, Federal civilian employees and Contractors.
Our team and dedicated management provide the best service to make you feel welcome and supported.